Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Margaret Cho's blog turned me on to this and now I can't get the dumb song out of my head! I know there are some f*bombs in it- but aside from those words- which I know offends some people- trust me- my own sister won't talk to me since I stood up to her and her husband when he was jumping on my Dad and husband for saying "shit" at the dinner table. Ya- I know- had something to do with "us getting in the habit of not saying them around their daughter- who was 2 months at that time- anyway- sorry if the words offend you- if they do- turn it off

SHOES-LET's Get some!

Ok it's one of those days. I am still in a wonderful mood. I told you those Monday Thunderstorms just get me going. I know why I am so happy. It's going to be a high of 73 today-I should have called in sick. But I couldn't. My husband brought up the Karma thing- he says it's wrong to call in sick when you aren't sick. I know lying is wrong. But sheesh- we only have one life. I wanted to enjoy this day so bad. I am trying to enjoy it cooped up in this office but I don't know yet.

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Kathrin said...

i am`s me again..i just watched the "shoes"-video and i had to start laughing - haha..`cause my boyfriend is always teasing me "you got too much shoes (and you are even not able to wear them because they`re killing you after a one kilometre-walk)" haha

i hope you don`t mind if i "visit" your blog from time to time now - `cause i like it! :)

Liebe Grüße (=best regards) aus Österreich (from austria)