Friday, June 15, 2007

Something I need to work on...

I admit it. I have very little patience. I give up real easy. We were supposed to have a showing tonight- of our house for sale- and once again they cancelled on us. I am beginning to get fed up- wish I could just believe that everything is going to be ok- that it will sell in time, that everything will work out as it is supposed too- I just feel- unsettled. And a little lost.

Went to dinner with my father in law & his live in whatever she is. She had to bring up how much her daughter is going to be making (Same as me, by the way- but I didn't say anything) and then the kicker- apparantly her daughter is getting gastric bypass. So why she felt the need to tell me this I don't know- why do people do that? They think fat is unhealthy. Fat people are that way because they choose to be.

I am so over it. So over so much. I am still loving myself, but wishing I had more patience with people. People who piss me off.
Ugh. It's getting late. I'm tired.
I'm out.

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