Thursday, September 14, 2006

Isn't anything sacred anymore?

Well here it is. I'm leaving myspace and jumping over to I want a place to post my thoughts- but I need to keep somethings to myself. Some things are better left unsaid. And unseen. I promise I am not going to take a picture of myself with my cell phone in the bathroom mirror and post it. At least not today. You may have to deal with me going on and on about John Mayer because- well I am obsessed with him. I just am.

I had a lot of ideas about what I was going to blog about while I was driving in to work this morning. That is my "think" time. I need to quit doing that though because I totally did not remember getting to my exit this morning. Must have zoned out. Accidents happen that way- shit I want to live. No more thinking while I am driving. Then I will be just like the rest of the unthinking world.

Ok back to blogging. I am going to keep some things to myself for sure. I have a lot of journals that I plan on taking a pen too- those that are for my eyes only- but the rest I am going to put on here. Let me know what ya think!
I know there is nothing lamer than a blog about blogging so I am going to hang it up now. Peace.

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