Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can you be fit & fat?

Heck I don't know... last year, when I went for my physical- the doctor, of course, brought up the fact that I am fat as hell. Well he didn't say it exactly that way but shit he myswell have! Anyway, I told him- I don't eat all that much! I told him that I don't eat a salad for lunch every day- but I am still not raking in twinkies and doughnuts and chips and fries and all that good stuff! (By the way- I have been having a salad for lunch everyday for the past two months and I haven't lost a pound!). But anyway- my blood pressure- just fine and dandy- my blood sugar levels- great- and my other markers-even cholesterol all within normal ranges. My triglycerides were like 15 above the normal level- but still nothing to get excited about. But I am still fat. He still had to say something. He had my thyroid levels checked and well they were normal (DAMN) no really. I'm not exactly running marathons (of course I haven't tried to train for one) but I seriously think that I am fit. I love to read those studies that say obesity isn't really a factor in early death. And that people can be fit and fat. I want to live a long life. I have stopped drinking sodas (diet or non) and I have increased my water intake, my leafy green vegetable consumption and I take my vitamins! I guess only time will tell if God just made some of us larger than others- since the beauty of the world lies in the variety of its inhabitants. Of course that doesn't mean I don't plan on reducing my calories to 1600 starting January 1 2007.
Just in case there's a chance for me....

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