Sunday, May 27, 2007

Feelin thankful...

Wow- I am in a thankful mood this morning. Thankful for that first of all! (Much better than my negative moods or my worrying moods- those suck). I am so thankful-
- that my daughter loves her summer camp this year- Dublin Park- no tears, no guilt, no crying on my way to work for being a bad mom because I have to work and leave her alone all day!
- that someone is coming to look at our house this afternoon and altough this is going to be the first showing, I am thankful to at least have this one chance to sell.
- that EVERY time (no really- ask my family) I go into a store that has music playing, or a restaurant (except for LaPlacinta- they only play tejano) that a JOHN MAYER song plays for me! I must have a really great angel- I tell you what- I hear old stuff, new stuff, songs he never released as singles- everything. So thankful I get to smile about that!
-so greatful to have my health, a loving husband, beautiful & smart daughter & a job. Thanks be to God!

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