Thursday, May 17, 2007

Little Blessings-Big Blessings

Well... we had our first "showing" of our house today. The real estate agent called me at 10:00 and I missed the call- then again at 12:30 saying that they would be there around 1:15! Oh my. So-- I rushed home, washed the few dishes that were in the sink, mopped up puppy prints, put away laundry, swished out the toilets, sprayed some good smelling stuff and let those dogs of mine outside with some water. Whew. It's amazing what you can get done when you give it some effort! Well I know it might be a long shot but maybe just maybe these people will want our house and offer us full price for it. Maybe. Lord please!

Well little blessings- people- people that truly care- that are sincere, sweet and just plain nice.I appreciate little old ladies who work hard for what they believe in and don't give a rats ASS if someone doesn't like it.

Big blessings- I am so blessed to be healthy- to have a healthy husband and daughter and to just have the job I have and well there isn't much else we can ask for. Lord thank you!

I love this blog- wish I remembered to go here more often and let some feelings flow. It does a heart good.
I'm feeling good right now. Hope this isn't the HIGH before the LOW. Guess I better not think negative. It's not good for me.

By the way- if someone is reading my blog- I would love to hear what you think. Even if you think I am a messed up piece of work. I would love to hear it.

OH and here is a picture of John's new do. Just love it! Just love him! AHHHHHHHH!!!

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