Thursday, May 03, 2007

Little Update

Well..what has been going on? A lot of the same...moving in the right direction I think. Let me do a brief update:
* Weight- Still the same weight- haven't gained! (but haven't lost any either)
* House- We marked the trees we wanted to keep on our pretty lot - they should be getting ready to start building our house, soon!
* Old House- We have a couple of big projects left to do and some minor packing up of extras- but we are getting close to that point of getting our house listed. I am going to bury my St. Joseph's statue and pray that we sell it QUICK!
* Job- Well, a new admin asst was hired and she is a good person- I think she will do fine. She and I get along- she is considerate- that is nice for a change!
I am thinking about just holding out here for as long as I can. No need to feel less than successful. My success does not lie in the job I hold anyway. It doesn't!
It also does not lie in the number on my scale or the size of my clothes or the balance of my bank account. Good things to remember when you are fat & broke.
* John Mayer- I still love him. I am happy he has found love. All I know is that when I met him- he was gracious, kind & looked even more handsome in person. I hope Jessica is doing him right. I didn't mean that literally so get ya head out da gutter.
* Me- still struggling with feeling less than adequate, a little under appreciated, and I still don't always get people but God has blessed me with so much. No need to worry- everything is going to be alright.
* Sister- She still hasn't made an effort to talk to me and well I am to the point where it doesn't seem to matter. I do wish her and her family the best- I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her- I love her from afar.
* Tonight- Is pizza & skating night. Let's hope I don't get sick!

Good day!

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