Monday, June 25, 2007

Just my luck!

Looks like we have managed to list our house right when (I mean at the moment) that the real estate market around here decided to slow down. Just my luck!

We have had a drought around here where I live- it hasn't rained in weeks. We decided to stain our deck yesterday.. It poured before we got it finished. Just my luck!

I had a great appointment for my photo shoot for the interview I am doing with the local paper- 9am- my hair would be looking good still! My boss scheduled a staff meeting right on top of it and won't move it. The only other time is 3:00 pm. I am going to look like I just went swimming. Just my luck!

Nah, I really have to quit. I am lucky- for so many reasons. Just everyone once and a while the irony of my life events sometimes it gets to me.

It will all be alright though- I keep telling myself!

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