Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rules for loving yourself

Well I need a refresher that is for sure. I have this blog, "Love,Yourself" and I have been doing the exact opposite. It has been like Hate me hate myself hate it all. I have to quit. It isn't getting me anywhere.

I've gained weight- like six lbs- and it's like- whoa- how did this happen?

I need to get back on track, pronto- stop feeling sorry for myself, stop being stressed about this house stuff and just stop worrying all together. My body responds to stress in the most horrific way. Ugh.

So- some rules of encouragement (engagement)

1. Stop talking about how much weight you need to lose. It is forbidden to mention this to anyone- even family.
2. There are to be no negative self remarks or self talk. If you go to say something like "I am so fat" or " I need to lose weight" or anything like that- IMMEDIATELY turn it in to a positive statement about yourself. Make this a habit. It's not being conceited- it's being your own best friend. Your greatest support- you HAVE to love yourself. Right now. As is. You don't know if tomorrow will come. Remember that!
3. Really- will losing that weight make you any happier? You have to cultivate your insides and have them reflect on your outside. Educate yourself, inspire yourself, love yourself and your family and watch the effects take place on the outside!
4. Stop saying one thing and doing another. If you want to get healthier- then don't eat unhealthily. If you want to get in shape, then put forth an effort to increase your activities. Take it slow- it will be a slow process- but you can change.

Now stop crying and appreciate this gift of a day that God has given you! Get on with being greatful & happy!

P.S. Rule # 5- Read these rules daily- and go easy on yourself. You're the only one of you there is!

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