Tuesday, July 03, 2007

31 days!

Now I feel like I can start looking forward to my next JM concert- August 4th in Pelham! My sisters are going with me- this is going to be their first JM concert and so I am excited for them- I am sure it won't be their last! We've got 6th row center for this one- I know those are good seats- but hell- once you sit 2nd row center- it's hard to move back 4 rows- it really is! But I hope he will look at us- give us the "Stare"- that would make it alright. I have been sending him an e-mail (you know, john@johmayer.com) every week or so- asking for him to play Covered In Rain for us. He has played it like four times (I think!) this tour- which is unheard of - so I pray that Pelham gets it to!

Well I have to get back to some things around the house. Working vacations suck- but at least I don't have to go to the office. I am glad to get to stay away this week.


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catheve said...

Hi, Kerrie! I just read all your blog entries after following a link through the JM website. We have a lot in common! I've had 2 glasses of wine, so I'm not that articulate at the moment, but I will keep in touch. OMG! You're so lucky! You met John Mayer! I also am married with one daughter......I admire you for being so full of heart and for knowing that you were put on this earth for a reason....catheve