Friday, July 20, 2007

What is up?

Oh my. So now I understand. I understand what people, in their mid thirties (almost) mean when they say it's just all too much! I just can't hold it together! I almost understand those people who just say FUCK IT and give up. I am getting close to that point. Selling this house- keeping it spotless everyday cause you never know when you might get someone in who might just possibly by it. Then there is the where is my daughter going to school this year? I don't know! Where are we going to live until our new house is done? I don't know! And well all of this- makes me want to either get drunk (I never have been drunk-not even close) OR go on vacation. And neither one of those things is going to happen! Ugh. At least I have my Mayer - August 4th- two weeks from tomorrow. Thank goodness. I need that time- I won't think about anything else for that whole 110 minutes he is in front of us. I won't. I need to chill out and Mayer is just the guy to do it for me.

Gotta go-


catheve said...

Hi, Kerrie. I enjoyed you bible verses quote. I actually majored in Biblical Studies at university. I have always been a "soul seeker" and spiritual person. My daughter recently expressed her own faith in God and it was such a blessing and reminder of how simple faith should be.
My dad and his sisters were "military kids" so my sister and I and all of our cousins have grown up being moved around a lot - not because we had to, but because it our parents were used to that lifestyle.
BTW: I became a fan of JM this summer. Before the Grammy's this year, I had only heard a little of JMs music.
I noticed you posted " I have never been drunk - not even close." I hope I didn't offend by my "I've had two glasses of wine and am not that articulate" comment. Before I turned 27, I had never had a drink of alcohol in my life. And then I got married. My husband is European (Austrian, actually!) and alcohol is viewed differently there. So, I now have the occasional (and sometimes more often) couple of glasses of wine in the evening.
My daughter, Karinna, is six. She is amazing. She has gone to private school for three years but is starting a new school in the fall because we moved. We have visited the new school's playground, have tried to be very positive about it, and so far, she seems excited about the change. Anyway - I said I would keep in touch so this is me.....keeping in touch. I hope your house sells soon! That's another situation I am familiar with. Don't worry! Turn on your JM music and get lost for awhile. :) Cathy

Kerrie said...

Hi Catheve- I'm so glad to hear from you again! It took me a minute to figure out how to respond- I don't see an e-mail link for you- so I am going to comment back on my own blog- hey not like it will mess up any blog comments from others, right?
Well rest assured that I am not offended by alcohol, at all! Living in Germany for 10 years- and Italy for 3- I got used to the European attitude towards alcohol-and I think it is a good attitude. Americans are so screwed up in so many ways. It doesn't bother me when others drink- I just never have the inclination to drink. Don't know what it is. It's just kind of an aversion- but doesn't offend me if someone else does. As long as they don't drive drunk-that gets me fired up. I think people usually indulge in one thing or another and food is definitely my indulgence! Damit!
Thank you for all of the well wishes. It has been a big pain in the arse trying to sell my house- but I have resigned myself to not worry anymore. If it sells in time, it sells in time, if it doesn't, it doesn't! Ya know?
Well again- thanks for the comments- I never get any! Hope you have a good week!
By the way- do you live in the USA or Europe? Just checking!