Thursday, July 26, 2007

We got a contract, and, Have you seen this?

That's right- the impossible happened- we got a contract on our house! So, now, just pray with me that the inspection & appraisal go just fine and we can move into our new house sometime in September. Wow what a process this has been. I know, it's not over yet!

Gotta get some things in order- what a whirlwind! Also, Mr. Loveyourself decided to go back to church with us. I am so thankful to God- really it was his own decision, something he wanted to do- and so we are going to a few differnt Catholic churches in the area before we decide which one we pick for "OUR" church. (Mr. Loveyourself doesn't like going on post to go to church- I can't say I blame him!)

And my last thing- have you SEEN this delicious pic of JM? Don't call it a comeback-he's been here for YEARS! YUMMY!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie! It's me, catheve, again! Congratulations! Everything will work out with your home sale. I will pray for you. I REALLY will. Last summer, my husband, daughter and I began visiting new churches in our area. It has taken a year, but we have found a great one! We haven't "officially" become members yet, but that is our next step. A few weeks ago, I helped out at VBS and that is when my daughter first expressed her faith in God and desire for Him to be in her heart and forgive her sins. That was the last day of VBS. I was kinda useless after that because I couldn't stop crying. "Trust in the Lord with all your strengh and He will make your paths straight." Still working on that!
I don't have your e-mail either, but I have spent some time this week setting up a MySpace page (it's embarassing how influenced I am by JM) and will post it later this week. My sister, who is a year older than me (late thirties) couldn't stop laughing that I was setting up a MySpace page. But at least then I will have an e-mail account, etc. Have a great week! -Catheve