Saturday, February 07, 2009

RIP Chloe...

My Dad had to put their dog to sleep this morning. She was 11 years old.. a small brown delicate toy poodle who was seriously the best behaved dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They got Chloe after I had already moved out- a month after I had my own baby girl. My sisters all lived with her for years before they moved out- I never lived with her but loved her just the same. It's sad when you lose an animal. It really is. My parents really love their dogs. Anyway- sad day.

I hope that this year gets better because really it's been kind of a bummer in some ways. There have been some new beginnings- but with the fear of losing your job, new sickness and medications, and just plain wierd feelings I don't know what is going on. Lord help us!

Well rest in peace Chloe, you were a good girl.


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