Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, but it's my Friday!

Gosh I am so glad I decided to take tomorrow off and have a nice five day weekend tied in with Thanksgiving. For one thing, I am having my super fun family over on Thanksgiving and I want to get the house all clean and sparkling before then.  Also, the day after Thanksgiving is the day my family and I decorate for Christmas- so this extra time is going to allow me to get prepared for all of that.  Until this moment, it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving week for me.  It's 70 degrees outside, and well there isn't going to be any snow around here- but thinking about the preparation and the decorating, yes- it is almost Christmastime!

So, for me, it's not about the presents.  Don't even think my husband and I are going to get presents this year.  For me, it's about time off and spending time with my family. It's also my recharge time, the weeks before I think about where I am at in my life and where I want to be and make all kinds of promises to myself that I don't always keep.  But I still promise, and sometimes, every once and a while, something sticks and I move forward one step on the candyland board that is my life.

This week, the theme of Thanksgiving is for me, the most important of them all.  Giving thanks, being thankful and humbled by blessings is the surest way to be happy in life. 
Joubert said "Think only off the ills from which you are exempt."  What great advice.  As I pray for people I know who are battling cancer, drug addiction, and other horrible ills-I can also give thanks for the absence of those things in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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