Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“Never waste a minute of your precious life by squandering it thinking about people you don't like”

Good reminder for me today. I don't know what it is but I have been thinking about past issues I have had with people and well what a waste of time! I have to focus on the now, the present time that have which most certainly is a gift.  I have to do (or not do) what feels right to me.  Pressure from people, even if well intended, cannot sway me. I want to be authentic and I want to live my life honestly. If I honestly don't want someone in my life, that's it- I don't want them in my life.

Maybe it is the sleep deprivation, maybe it is other things- one thing I know for sure. Loving myself does not include lying to myself.  If it did in the past, I am stopping that right now.

This journey called life can be interesting, that is for sure.

Funny coincidence- on my pandora playlist- Sara Barellies- "Who cares, if we disagree, you are not me- who made you King of anything?" Exactly, Sara!


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