Thursday, October 26, 2006


Ok I am a loser but I am so stoked I got a comment! TWO comments. Thanks Kathrin from Austria! I appreciate it!

Well... what's new here? Got back from San Antonio on Tuesday- what a great trip. It felt blessed from the beginning. It really did. I learned some good stuff at the conference- of course doesn't seem like I am going to get a whole lot of support in implementing what I learned- but I can try. The level of enthusiasm here just doesn't seem to match mine. Maybe it's me. Maybe I am just on OVERDRIVE and the others are in the slow lane. I don't know. Doesn't matter. Really I have to separate my standards for living and the fact that this job, although it can be rewarding, is really just for the purpose of my paycheck. That's it. And so, I will drudge on all the while dreaming of winning the Mega Millions. Or getting my book published. I'll tell you about my children's story some other time.

Ok.. so I overate while on vacation. Who doesn't? I mean- we found the greatest Mexican restaurant in San Antonio- SAULSALITO's and well we went twice. Also hit the Cracker Barrell twice (I needed some real sweet tea, since I am now a tea drinker). But, the good part is that we walked our behinds off. Went to Sea World- walked a couple of miles. Went to the Riverwalk- walked a couple of miles- at the Alamo too. We just walked and walked and walked. So no weight gain. But no loss either. Back to counting calories. says that if I eat 1650 calories that I can get down to 159 by May of 2008. A year and a half? Not too bad. 1650 calories? That's not starving by any means! I'm going to try to do it. Going to eat a larger breakfast, a decent lunch, and leave salads and lighter fare for my dinner choices. I need to keep the calories under that umbrella. Saturday's are gonna be my free days- I am gonna eat what I want on Saturdays and leave the strictness for the rest of the days. Sundays @ Burger King are going to have to be salads for me. Oh, and maybe I will split a donut at church. That's it. Lord knows it isn't going to be easy but I really think I can do it. Next year, when I fly to Charlotte, I might not be sitting next to my husband or daughter- so I might need to not be so wide as to not encroach on the person next to me. That is just rude.

Well I better get back to work. Nice to meet you Kathrin! Spater!

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Kathrin said...

hello kiki!
thanks for leaving a message on my blog too!
you spent 10 years in germany..that`s pretty cool - for which reason? (if i may ask)

don`t stop writing..i like your writing-style (is that an english word at all...ähm or is it written-style?:))..and topics!

another day you`ll get a more "commentativ" comment.

(oh god - i realize - my english is on the edge of extinction ;)!)

Bis bald! Liebe Grüße aus Österreich!