Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hypnotists..and other rare oddities

Well... so we had our Christmas Gala on Friday. Did I tell you that we hired a hypnotist? Well, we did. Ummm.... it was interesting? I can't knock it- some how I ended up having to do this party even though I'm not the event coordinator. I don't understand what has been happening at work but that is a whole 'nother post. Any who- it might have worked on me, if it weren't for the blaring of the music next door. Imagine a hypnotist, telling you to relax, focus, imagine (insert image here) and all you can here is "SWEET HOME ALABAMA! LORD I'M COMIN HOME TO YOU" and the rhythmic beating of a drum and strum of a guitar. That's how bad it was. Two people did go under. (I hope I don't owe them any money- I don't think we paid anyone to fake it!) and well it was still good. But sheesh. Turned out, just like I thought- the hypnotist was a bad idea for a Christmas party. Guess it's my fault. (I don't care anymore- I really don't) Gotta focus on things I can control and well finally, at age 33 I have learned that I cannot control what other people think of me! I can't! And well it's none of my business what other people think of me. It's not.

I'll have more later- especially after I go through some more family holiday stuff.

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