Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blue girl in a Red State me! It's so hard living in the South. What do I mean by that? Let me rephrase this- it's so hard being a Catholic Liberal democrat and live in the South.It is. I am a minority. I don't want my daughter to get tainted views from the public school she goes to. My worst nighmare- booger, now age 16, runs in the house- yells something about "Roll Tide" and "Daddy, can I go to the Klan rally with my bff Katie and her racist redneck boyfriend? He has a two ton truck and he doesn't drive all that fast since his tabacco gets on him when he spits it out the winder if he goes too fast. Oh and have you seen my "left behind" book? I need it for bible study tonight".

Now don't get me wrong here. I don't think every southerner is racist or a redneck- but let me tell you- they are a lot around here and well I know there are racists everywhere (I am answering my critics before they even point out their problems with this post, aren't I?) but the thing is... it is more overt around here. And well, if I see another W sticker or a "If you don't support the President you aren't supporting the troops" bumper sticker, I think I might puke. I really might.

I'm done. I get brief visits from members who are from Ohio, or Michigan, or some where like that and they breathe new life in me. Feels like home. Thanks you guys for keeping me in touch with my ways! I know some might not understand me and that's ok too.

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