Monday, February 12, 2007

Angels Among Us

Thank you for sending me an angel today. Her eyes weren't like other people's eyes- that's what gave her away. I pretended not to notice but I did. I know you sent her to me for a reason. I have been worried about what my boss is going to say to me in my review and well she came in and really laid out so many good points- from her belief in you- to the struggle that life is- to not taking what an employer says about you personally. She said she herself had been let go from three (or four) jobs- I hope this doesn't mean I am going to be fired! But if so God, I get the message. Events, people, everything and every body that comes into our lives is there for a reason. She said that there is something wrong with an employer who has a revolving door of employees. She is right. God- I am trying to find meaning in my world- I am keenly aware of your blessings. I am trying God- you know how imperfect I am. Lord please help me to do better. Like I prayed in church yesterday- help me to be a better person. I want to be good- I want to be free. Lord whatever happens I am going to do my best to keep myself grounded. To keep my feet planted firmly in your love and not let mean, derrogatory, or just plain rude statements hit me in the heart. I won't do it any longer. I am going to keep standing up for what I believe is right- and although it is a change for me- I am going to keep myself to myself. God, thanks again for thinking of me today. I will try to think of you more often when dealing with things that are too big for me.

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