Monday, March 26, 2007

Breathe, Focus, Visualize

Ok- so I am feeling a little stressed today. It's been awhile since I have felt this way. But, it's back. I have a lot going on this week- an event next week, and just annoying things to do here since we don't have a receptionist anymore. She quit! Lucky her!

Really though I just thought I would blog for stress relief. Just let it all flow out. I am ready for something new, I think. I am ready for my next adventure. I hope I don't make a mistake- but I think it is time ta go. Now that all depends on if anything is offered to me! So far, it's been kind of dry around here. But, I gotta keep going. Keep striving, keep working. I need to be happy in the now, though. Not just waiting for that elusive big break.

So, I am breathing, focusing, and visualizing this work all done and behind me. Everything is successful. I am really going to be ok!


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mayr said...

I am in the same place!