Monday, November 19, 2007

No apologies neccessary the job didn't happen. There are still so many lines out there-I'm ok with things here as they are as well. This is a great place to work and I feel like I can do so much good here- so we'll see where things take me!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. The colors of the leaves today on the way to work were just breathtaking! It's great that now I can look out of my kitchen window and instead of seeing broke down cars I get to see trees adorned in fall's beautful hues of yellow, orange and red. Such a blessing!

Did I mention anything about me wanting to ask my estranged sister to Thanksgiving? Well I didn't even get that far. Tried to add her as a myspace friend and got a bunch of balony back from her. Now the word is that she is "at peace" with never speaking to me again because she "prayed" about it. Wow. The God I pray to encourages love and forgiveness. I guess hers encourages grudges and hate. So, Thanksgiving is going to be great though. My family, my Mom & Dad, and my real sisters- Kim & Kate along with Kate's dude Thad. Thad's bringing mac & cheese so he is A-OK with me! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for everything that God has given me- my health, my job, my family and friends. I am so blessed. So blessed.

Oh wow- I forgot to mention I got my hair cut! I need to get a new profile pic. It will be hard to change my JM encounter one, though. I mean, I MET him! If there is one thing that will be sad about it not being 2007 anymore is that it won't be the year that I met JM anymore. Pathetic? I don't think so!

Well just another sporadic update from the world's worst blogger.
Hope all in cyber space is well.


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