Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some randomness on this December 4th...

Random notes- it's all I can muster.

I have such a headache- it's the kind that makes your stomach sick.

I'm really confused about what I want to do in my career- but I know I want to go back to school!

I have three interviews this week- I am so crazy!

Thanksgiving was great- so glad I didn't try to force forgiveness on my sister- she needs to come to it herself.

I don't feel like blogging anymore! Guess I better get back to work.


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Catheve said...

(This is a personal note) Hi, Kerrie! I did get your message about you closing your myspace page. We were in a hotel with a slow connection but I wanted to respond to your message. It's been nice getting to know you a little bit. So sweet about your daughter's 'revised' Christmas list! I admire your values and think what you're doing is great - I need to refocus some things in my life as well. I didn't get the e-mail written down and since your note is gone now - Here's my personal e-mail: cathyspapery@gmail.com. I'd love to keep in touch. Take care and Merry Christmas! Cathy