Sunday, January 06, 2008

Instead of Myspace...

I am hemming my daughter's jeans myself!
I bought some crochet needles and yarn and I am going to learn to crochet!
I will start that novel that I have been dreaming about...
I will take a 30 minute walk everyday after dinner.

More to come on what I am doing with myself instead of MYSPACE.
Ha Ha
Happy 2008 everyone!

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Catheve said...

Hey, Kerrie! Mine is "Instead of TryJM" and other online gossip blogs...Start the day with a family breakfast at the table instead of coffee at my computer!

Also, less wine, less caffeine and 30 minutes a day on the treadmill......(My other goal: losing at least 20 lbs before our trip to visit my husband's family in Austria this summer where everyone is skinny and runs around in tiny bikinis...)

Very impressed with your dedication....Take care!