Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes.

Powerful words-I Just saw this quote on my beliefnet subscription 'BEYOND BLUE-
Although I haven't been diagnosed, I think I suffer from mild depression- and even though I don't take mediciation I can feel my mood wax and wane. Or maybe it's natural to have lots of different emotions- I think it could be hormone induced- really it's spot on (no pun intended) with my monthly visit!

Well anyway Sally Field said those words supposedly and well they have really touched me today. Here's where I am at- in the same Amazon order I ordered "BIG FAT LIES" AND Yoga for fat people. Ok it's not called Yoga for Fat people but it might as well be. Ha Ha I have dabbled in tai chi- and every night I try to meditate for what amounts to one minute but still, I'm trying, and I would love to see if this yoga for round bodies helps me- not lose weight- but feel better. I have size 48DD boobs and so there are some poses that just don't work for me! We'll see...

I hope all is well with anyone who reads this- and if you are heading out on the Mayercraft carrier well FUCK YOU!
No just kidding, I mean have a nice trip!

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