Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I choose....

Heard something like this on the John Tesh radio show (ya I know- I don't know how that ended up on my radio, but it was a rainy night and I was driving and didn't want to mess with changing stations. Anyway, he said that telling yourself that "I choose" to do something makes a big difference sometimes in the attitude that surrounds an action, goal, etc in your life. Instead of "I have to" I choose to start saying "I choose to".
So to take it a step further, I am going to publish a list of what I choose.

1. I choose to eat healthy. And by healthy for me it means lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, very little red meat, chicken, fish & turkey, and enough water everyday to keep things clear (if ya know what I mean). I don't have to eat this way, I choose to. No one is making me do this- I choose to eat this way. I am not a bad person if I sometimes slip up but for the most part, since I chose this, I am going to eat healthily.

2. I choose to be more active. However I do it, I choose to move more than I ever have on a day to day basis. Whether it's walking, biking, tennis, treadmill, recumbant bike or yoga for fat girls (I got the dvd today!) I am going to do it, because I have made that choice!

3. I choose to love myself. This is a big deal for me- I don't know if ever I have truly loved myself- I mean unconditionally. Being overweight virtually my whole life, I had a lot of time to develop a self loathing that went pretty deep and there were plently of people in my life who helped this self loathing fester and grow. I gave those people too much power over me obviously- I mean if someone were to say to me now, "Do you really NEED that Kerrie" or "MOOOOOOO" as one of my ex-friends got a slew of people to do to me in the 8th grade- wow what would would I say? I don't know! Probably profanity- I might slug someone- but in all honesty people might as well be saying that to me now still. I still feel it- I still think that people think it. One of my husband's friends, who was in AA at the time, told me something very profound. We were all at dinner, and I made a comment about I bet so and so thinks I am such a dork! And he said- well, the truth is, it's none of your business what other people think of you. Nuff said. I love me!

4. I choose to live each of the days that God give me with a smile and with grace. There are so many cliches regarding this but darn it- it's true- don't waste precious time on stupid shit.

5. I choose to be the best me I can be. Whatever it takes!

Ok that's a great start. A list of choices. I chose them myself and I choose now to end this blog. Night!

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rain said...

Thanks for sharing your list! I remember hearing that advice before, or something similar. How we talk to ourselves can make a huge difference. For me, right now, I'm working on looking at problems as opportunities. Certainly it's a more empowering way of looking at things.

So how are you feeling about your choices a few days later?