Monday, February 18, 2008

Feeling great!

Well after a few days of struggling with my "choices"- I finally let go and decided to listen to myself and see what truly felt right. The yoga dvd (Just My Size Yoga) has been a God-Send. The first time I did it I felt awkward, shaky and well thought that it might not be for me...but something has changed. It made me sore as hell- which is a good sign, but my sleep has gotten so much better and I truly feel relaxed. I like the reminders to breathe- I have a tendancy to hold my breath during exercise (not good at all!) and well the relaxation part at the end is the best. As for eating- I admit the first day it was like I wanted to eat more junk than ever! Valentine's Day saw me eating m & m's and hershey's kisses and well not healthy stuff at all. But I have gotten better. Way better. I've upped my protein in the morning to keep the jittery slump away that used to come at 10 or so- and well I think that sticking to 1650 calories a day (or there abouts) is going to be totally do - able.

Making up your mind is the easy part. Carrying it out day after day is going to be the real challenge. I try to keep in mind that I deserve this. I deserve to feel good about my body for the first time in my life.

Well I better leave for work - I'm not fortunate enough to get President's Day off!


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