Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well I'm just starting this journey and I can feel a difference this time. (Have I said this before?) I'm not sure, but if I have, the difference is different this time. My apologies to those of you who actually use the English language correctly- I like to spice it up a bit and therefore don't always follow pesky "rules"!

Anyway- I've had a few revelations about this whole "taking care" thing. It takes TIME to take care of yourself!

It takes time to plan your meals, prepare them, and consume them in places other than the front seat of your car!

It takes time to exercise- getting prepared, dressing for it, and actually doing it are taking me close to an hour a day!

I had no time for tryjm.blogspot.com this morning because I had to enter my food, weight and plan for this evening.

But another revelation I have had is how GOOD it feels to spend your time on something worthwhile like YOURSELF! It may be selfish- but so what- I have a negative balance on self worth so this is just bringing me up to level. And it is feeling great.

I know this is still the honeymoon phase of a new deal for me but don't get me wrong- I know this is hard, I know I will fuck it up at least a little but this time I truly choose to keep trying and make it work!

Happy Tuesday!

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