Friday, April 04, 2008

Life changes and changes and changes

Well I just read over some of my earlier entries and it's funny- I must sound so crazy to someone just browsing and reading my entries- especially backwards- it's a trip! I read the part about "no more job hunting" and I have to laugh. I have been on two interviews the past two weeks- both of them turned out really well- and apparantly...DRUMROLL PLEASE....I have an offer coming via FedEx today from one of the companies- it is a real blessing- and I thank God above. (Of course I have no idea the $ involved - so it may not be a possibility). Then there is another company that I talked to and they seemed really great and the position seems really in tuned to what I want to get into and I am feeling good about them too- wondering if I am about to go from stuck in a rut- to having TWO great choices- which is hard too! But don't get me wrong- life is good- it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel- but everything does happen for a reason and I am so glad that I am in the situation that I am in now- I am going to be ok.
More to come once I know something...

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