Thursday, April 10, 2008

So many blessings....I don't deserve!

Well, maybe I do deserve them, or they would not be bestowed on me? Or maybe even if I don't deserve them it's not about what you deserve- is it? Certainly I know some wonderful people who aren't always given the breaks I think they should get. But all that aside- I thank God for recent (and past) blessings:

1. My daughter recently had some issues with feeling like she needed to pee all the time. The doctor thought it might be diabetes. My whole world stopped for a moment just thinking about that- but thank God her sugar was normal, both fasting & non-fasting.

2. My husband had an eye issue that I was really worried about- Thank God that all is well according to the opthamologist- he will go back in two months- and hopefully it will be resolved by then!

3. For me, not only have I been offered a wonderful job- but in addition- another company may be close to offering me a position- and I am certainly excited to see what they offer. It is quite strange to go from hopeless- in the job front- to have two really good prospects- or one shoe-in and another really good prospect. It's really amazing. Really is.

When it is all said and done, I am truly enjoying the ride called life and I look forward to writing about where all this takes me. Stay tuned!


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