Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where have I been?

Wow- a lot of time has passed since my last blog- and it's funny- it doesn't seem like that long ago on one hand, and on the other hand that person, this blog, all seems like someone other than me! I spent so long planning my career change (and we changed residences in there too) that once all of that was over, and things got into a rhythm, and well slowed down a bit- I didn't have much to write. What is weird is that when I go back and read all the things that I wanted , I find now that they have come true! (Except losing weight- at least it hasn't happened yet) I have my new job- and this company is paying for all of my college- I have already registered for classes and I am well on my way to getting the degree I wished I would have gotten 12 years ago! Lord knows this has been a long long road- and I am happy to say- I've arrived!

What else is new?
My little girl starts 5th grade tomorrow! Now that's a big pill to swallow- but I am so thankful that she is a happy healthy beautiful girl!

Got a trip to St Louis coming up Aug 25-27. I used to live near there as a kid and well it has been awhile since I have been back.

Another John Mayer concert - August 29th! I am told that Aug 30th will be spent looking for a certain lego store because my daughter is obsessed with legos. So- she's looking forward to that probably more than JM!

My husband had sinus surgery and for the first time in years has gone a few days without a headache- he can breathe- and well that's just the best!

Ahh...I'm good- without wishing time away I am ready for the fall- leaves falling, cloudy skies, cool wind- it's when I am at my best. This 100 degree weather is not for me.

Well just a quick update. I'll be loving myself,

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